Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Angel To Me

I Can't Wait To Hold Your Hand.
I Can't Wait To Hold You,
To Feel You Close To Me.
I Can't Wait To Meet You,
For You To Be Standing,
Right Next To Me.

I Won't Believe Your Actually There,
But When You Are Can I Keep You?
So We Never Let Go!

Can I Hold You?
Where We Go To Our Own World.
Our Own Little Paradise..
Just Us Two!
Where We Spin Around And Around,
While We Are Both Looking Into Each Others Eyes.

I'm Gonna Be Nervous.
I'm Gonna Have Butterflies.
I Won't Lie To You,
But I'd Protect You.

I Will Let You See My Love Within,
And When I Look At You..
I Wont Look Right Through,
I Will Look Deep Inside.
I Will Look Into Your Eyes,
And See The Beauty Within.
And There You Will Be,
My Angel To Me.

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